Shenzhen SEMAXE Industrial Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen SEMAXE Industrial Co., Ltd., established in January 2018 and located in Shenzhen, China, focuses on the development and sales of pure cotton household goods, and owns the global brand of "SEMAXE".
The company provides bath towel, towel, square towel, cotton towel and other daily care products, as well as bathrobe, yoga mat and bed home textiles.
SEMAXE products are based on scientific and technological innovation and technological reform, pursuing health and environmental protection materials, exquisite and practical design, so the brand enjoys a high reputation in Europe and the United States.
Enterprise vision: To become a globally famous brand of home textile enterprises.
Company mission: to provide global consumers with healthy and environmentally friendly innovative pure cotton products.
Values: integration and innovation, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence.

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